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Point-of-Sale Guide
Food Truck POS Systems
Food Truck POS systems put entrepreneurs in the driver's seat. From reliable connectivity to on-the-go menu customization and speedy transactions, food truck point of sale systems help streamline every aspect of your business.
Side-by-Side Food Truck POS Features

swipe tables on mobile
Real-time Inventory management
Item modifiers
Item variants
Ingredient tracking
Kitting (Combos)
Cost Tracking
Split checks
Table management
Tips management
Delivery management
Table management
Waitlist management
Reservation management
Happy hour pricing
General Features
Restaurant Manager
Ease of use
Multi-location support
Discount and promotion management
Consumer-grade hardware
Commercial-grade hardware
Digital receipts
Custom user interface
Cash management
Offline access
Bulk inventory import and export
Age verification
Free trial
Reporting &
Restaurant Manager
Real-time reporting
Sales reports
Commission reports
Shift reports
Customer reports
Predictive analysis
Tax detail reports
Discount detail reports
Void reports
Cash drawer reporting
Track pay-ins and payouts
Restaurant Manager
Purchase order management
Vendor management
Item price history
Future POS
Restaurant Manager
Employee commission
Time clock
Employee Scheduling
Role-based &
user permissions
Future POS
Restaurant Manager
Electronic signature capture
Offline payment processing
Payment processor agnostic
Mobile payments
PCI DSS compliance
Customer Loyalty and
Marketing Features
Future POS
Restaurant Manager
Gift cards
Customer database / CRM
Email marketing
Loyalty program
Customer (House) accounts
Third-Party Integrations
Future POS
Restaurant Manager
Online ordering and delivery
Email marketing
Reputation management
Employee scheduling
Loyalty program
POS Hardware
Future POS
Restaurant Manager
Touchscreen monitor
Android tablet
Windows tablet
1D barcode scanner
2D barcode scanner
Digital scale
Cash drawer
Customer facing display
Digital Signage
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Top 8 Food Truck POS System Benefits
1. A Small Footprint and Ease of Use
Whether you're an established fast-casual restaurant looking to expand, or an entrepreneur hoping to bring your unique cuisine to the masses, rolling out a food truck operation can be a smart play. In 2017, revenue for the food truck industry reached $960 million, which reflects 7.3 percent growth over the previous five years. Not too shabby for a simple kitchen on wheels.

A food truck POS should be easy to use so that even your newest employees can use it like a pro. Once you receive your quotes through Quick POS Match, ask the solution provider for a demo of the system. You'll want to see how many clicks it takes to enter a typical order, add modifiers, and complete an entire transaction from start to finish.
2. Real-time Reports and Analytics
If you want real insight into your food truck business, you'll need access to real-time data and reports. Modern point of sale software should not only give you sales summaries but also drill down into the nitty-gritty details. Some reports to look for when you're evaluating food truck POS systems are:

  • Sales reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Labor reports
  • Customer reports
  • Product reports
  • Payment report

Data from reports like these will empower you to make smart data-driven decisions such as how to maximize the profitability of menus items, optimize orders to avoid food waste, and employee scheduling to control labor costs.
3. A Customer Loyalty Program
Like most businesses, the Pareto Principle probably applies — 80 percent of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your customers. Treat that 20 percent like VIPs whether they engage with you on social media or at the walk-up window. Additionally, if your POS system integrates with a CRM (customer relationship management) system, you can segment your marketing list and give loyal customers insider information about your next location, new menu choices, and more.
4. Always-on Mode
When you're serving customers at a remote location, the wrong food truck POS system can put you at the mercy of (the sometimes uncertain) internet connectivity. This unpredictability makes it vital that your food truck POS and payment processing have offline modes.
5. Adaptability
Food trucks have unique workflows, so it's essential that your POS software lets you make menu adjustments on-the-fly to keep your operation running smoothly. You won't always have the luxury of making menu changes before the day starts or you may need to make changes as the day goes on and inventory depletes.
6. Employee Management
The fast pace inside a food truck doesn't leave much time for confirming employees' clock-in and clock-outs, changing schedules, and keeping an eye on overtime. A food truck POS system should include employee management features that automate the day-to-day tasks to help you maintain control of employees and labor costs.
7. Convenient Online Ordering
Make sure the food truck POS system allows you to accept online orders efficiently, without the need for an employee to re-enter them. If you aren't ready to accept online orders now, make sure your food truck POS system is flexible enough to give you the option to expand your business in the future.
8. Mobile Payments
If you want to find additional ways to engage with customers and meet their expectations for speed and efficiency, explore food truck POS systems that support options like self-serve kiosks, mobile POS, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.