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POS System Costs
Not all POS systems come with the same price tag.
POS Hardware Costs
POS hardware is all the input and output devices that make the point of sale software function at the point of purchase. When POS software companies develop software, they engineer it to work with specific hardware components and communication protocols.

For small-ticket items such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, or receipt printers, you can expect to pay $100 - $400 per device. A touchscreen monitor or tablet will set you back an additional $200 - $600 per unit.
POS Software Costs
POS software is responsible for all the features and functionality that enable you to streamline your business operations.

Point of sale software can range from free to thousands of dollars a month, depending on your specific business needs. For cloud-based POS options, expect to pay $50 - $100+ per month, per workstation. For traditional (a.k.a legacy POS software) expect to pay a more substantial lump sum upfront for the software and minimal recurring costs.

POS Setup and Installation Fees
Depending on the point of sale system you choose, you may have an option for a guided setup from the POS company or the POS reseller. Some companies like Harbortouch will offer this service at no additional cost, while others can charge $600 or more.