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Point-of-Sale Guide
SkyTab Pay-at-the Table
SkyTab™ is a complete order and pay-at-the-table solution for restaurants that will take your business to the next level while delivering an unmatched customer experience.
Supercharge Your Business
A powerful mobile device that will boost your productivity and bottom line.

  • Increase operational efficiency and table turn time
  • Accept EMV payments and reduce chargebacks
  • Collect customer email addresses and build your marketing database
  • Prevent bad online reviews with real-time customer feedback

SkyTab uses a SIM card with 4G/5G cellular data so even if your internet goes down, you won't miss a beat with SkyTab.
1. Pay-at-the-table
By utilizing EMV chip technology in combination with point-to-point encryption, you can ensure customer payment data is protected — and your business is protected from chargebacks.
    2. Reorder-at-the-table
    Serve more customers and turn tables faster. SkyTab eliminates the need for waitstaff to walk back and forth from their tables to the stationary point of sale system.
      3. Email Marketing
      Collect customer email addresses to build your marketing database and increase repeat business.
        4. Customer Feedback
        Prompt customers to rate their experience and alert management when a patron isn't satisfied, which helps avoid negative online reviews.
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